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Top fashion trends for plus size women, Spring 2012
Spring is almost started and every fashinista is planning her wardrobe to look elegant in this upcoming season. It is the time when markets are over flooded with colorful fashionable dresses. People usually concentrate on average sized women fashion but, we don’t have to ignore the huge population of plus size women. They are also available with some great things this spring season in terms of style and fashion. Following are four hot trends this spring along with some suggestions to look stylish in every day outfits.

Stripes: stripes are entirely the fashion of this year. You can use them in your skirts, dresses as well as in tops and blazers. It helps in making you look slimmer and give a balance look to your body. Making use of blocks of colors will prevent you from highlighting one part of the body. You can use blocks of colors in tune with weather every day.
Bold colors: all plus size women are suggested to go for bold colors this year. It can be made more enchanting by having bright pair of trousers with a decent and sober shirt. You can make use of really bright colors to outshine this spring season. It will give a slimmer look and hide extra body flesh.

Pretty peplum: another thing that comes out of 80’s is the peplum. You can use them at your tops base and team them up with formal skirts or tights etc. depending on the event you are headed to. Make use of bright animal prints this season as it will not only help you to look great but also make you look apart than the plus size category.
Shirts and Maxis: accentuate your wardrobe with sequence of button down shirts, they can be sleeved both long and short and can be even sleeveless. You can use it with any type of the bottom. Open shoulder tops are usually perfect for plus size woman and bold colors are the flavors of this year. Polka dots can also be an option to look smart and elegant and you can use it in tops, short dresses and other attires. Also make use of the long maxi’s to look unique and elegant whenever you step out. It will give you a touch of airiness and elegance you wish for when on move.

Plus size women are always suggested to make use of colors and trends that make their body look balance and make them feel confident. It is wrong to consider that fashion and stylish cloths are not for plus size women, truth is they can follow every latest trends but with a bit alteration and should be more careful in selection of colors and attires.

Add resale value to home
When, anyone selling their home they want to get the good and high money. But you can get extra amount by adding an extra value to your home. May be you don’t want to sell your home you can also add value for your personal use. So, what changes you can do to improve your home. From the outlook and condition of the house one can judge people, a home with beautiful landscaping might have more value as compared to the home with just grass. By adding shrubs, trees and different flowers not only add value but also give an appealing look to your house. While adding trees always try to add old trees because they look more attractive then new one. When you are planning to sell your house then you must have to establish your garden in a better way. For every house garden should be appealing and attractive.

While talking about the exterior of the house, remodeling and maintaining good kitchen will brings you more money. How you can redesign your kitchen it depends on you but usually kitchen with granite counter and appliance of the stainless steel are more preferable. If you have great space then you have great space then you can also expand your kitchen mostly bigger kitchens are preferable. Similarly you can also remodel or redesigned your washroom as well; it will also increase the value of your home. You can improve your home office in present time many people also running their business from their home so, a small office in home is more preferable for the people while selling it. This is the best way to attract the potential customers.

Changing your bathroom is to add tiles you produce space in the washroom for standing shower and can also arrange a separate whirlpool or bathtub. In bathroom do not use cheap materials as it is the place of water so it might decrease the value of your house. Sometime people get home equity loan or second mortgage to increase the home value. They think to use this money for remolding, landscaping or upgrading their home. While spending money on your home you must have to make it sure that it will add value to your home. If the money you spend will not increase the rate of your home then it is just the wastage of your money.

After that, paint your house it will give a new and fresh look to your house it is the other way to add resale value to your house. Similar some beautiful decoration items can also make your home attractive and beautiful and the most importantly water system must be good otherwise all these preparations will be in vain.